Asthma in Africa

Asthma death rate is ~0x higher in some African countries than in the EU

In Western Europe >0% of the population has access to essential asthma medication

In Zambia, up to 0% of the population have no such access

A strategy for health

With Breathe Africa, we hope to help as many asthma patients as possible.

Non-communicable diseases like asthma are rising rapidly in sub-Saharan Africa, where healthcare systems are ill-prepared to cope. Zambia, for example, is ranked #1 in the world for mortality due to asthma. Increasing the medical expertise of local healthcare professionals is a quick and sustainable way to improve patient health outcomes.

Sandoz is calling on European doctors with an interest in asthma to volunteer for Breathe Africa.

The Breathe Africa program will help Zambian doctors and nurses, as well as medical students, improve the health and quality of life of Zambians with asthma.

Dr. Shabhir Lakhi,
Head of Internal Medicine,
University Teaching Hospital,
Lusaka, Zambia

Laying the foundation

Breathe Africa is a Sandoz corporate responsibility program in respiratory health. Breathe Africa aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of asthma through medical education and donation of medicines. The program, which will start in Zambia, will bring European doctors to work together with local healthcare professionals, ultimately improving diagnosis, treatment and respiratory health for patients.

Our goals

  • improve asthma medical education for students at the university level as well as healthcare professionals working in clinics
  • improve access to asthma diagnosis, treatment, and suitable medicines
  • improve patient asthma education

Our strategy

In the program’s first year, Sandoz will support six doctors from Denmark and Germany, to join a team of 18 healthcare workers to go to Zambia three times on a voluntary basis. During each one-week stay, Sandoz will host an asthma forum where the doctors will share medical expertise in asthma diagnosis and treatment with Zambian healthcare professionals. The volunteer doctors will also visit local clinics in the city of Livingstone to share the latest information on asthma diagnosis and treatment through on-the-job training.

Sandoz is calling on doctors from Denmark and Germany with an interest in asthma to submit an application to join Breathe Africa and contribute to a serious unmet healthcare need in Zambia.

Join us!

If you are a doctor who is interested in volunteering for the Breathe Africa program, which aims to improve asthma outcomes in Zambia, please enter your details below and we will send you further information about the selection process and how you can apply.

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