Sandoz is a global leader in generic pharmaceuticals and biosimilars. Our products reach approximately 500 million patients every year. With so many people around the world trusting us with their health, we have an enormous responsibility to deliver the highest quality products and to seek novel approaches to help people around the world gain greater access to medicine.

Discovering new ways to improve and extend people’s lives.

The Sandoz brand is a seal of quality, and healthcare professionals around the world trust it as a symbol of high-quality, affordable medications.  The brand can trace its history to the foundation of Kern & Sandoz in Switzerland in 1886. Historical highlights related to the Sandoz brand include the launch of Calcium Sandoz in 1929, the first oral penicillin in 1951, and the 1972 discovery of the immunosuppressive effect of cyclosporin, which today is used for transplants. Biosimilars, approved biologics with comparable safety, quality and efficacy to a reference product, are another example of our innovation prowess. 

While biologics provide a revolutionary treatment option for many diseases, their growing demand combined with historically limited competition strains healthcare budgets and limits patient access. Biosimilars increase patient access to biologics while saving healthcare system costs. Sandoz has been developing biosimilars since 1996 and achieved a number of firsts along the way, including the first biosimilar in Europe (Omnitrope in 2006) and the United States (Zarxio in 2015). We go beyond providing standard products and add value to the healthcare system through a range of support services and value-added medicines including combination formulations.

Consistent high quality is critical to ensure our sustainable business performance and growth. We strive to continually improve standards and processes in order to meet and exceed stakeholder expectations.