Flexible-Hybrid Working at Sandoz

Sandoz values flexibility and well-being. 

We are working to create an environment that allows us to make the greatest impact in our role while supporting family commitments and our own well-being.

Where the role allows, our approach sees colleagues take personal responsibility to align with managers and colleagues for effective collaboration and delivery of personal goals while taking the time they need to support their external commitments.

In addition to offering many of our colleagues flexible-hybrid working we also offer part-time careers and job sharing opportunities.

Rewa Mahoney, Collaborations Manager

“The ability to balance my working life and the needs of my family has been paramount to my work-life wellbeing. As the parent of a neurodiverse child, I am immensely grateful for the support Sandoz has shown around flexible-hybrid working.”

Rewa Mahoney, Collaborations Manager