The future is ours to shape!

Novartis has announced an intention to separate the Sandoz business to create a standalone company.

This is an exciting, once-in-a-career opportunity to set our own path forward as a potentially independent, purpose-driven Sandoz. As the founders of a new Sandoz, this is a time of immense opportunity for us all, both professionally and personally!  

Together we will shape the future of Sandoz, building an organization from the ground up and in return we will experience a fast-moving, ambitious environment with impactful, visible, flexible-hybrid careers. Experiencing supportive, collaborative culture, one where diversity is welcomed and where personal and career growth is encouraged!

Man wearing 3D glasses

Sandoz Technology

As a founding member of our new team, you will help shape the future of Sandoz Technology as we drive growth and access through innovation, stability, and efficiency.