Why Sandoz Technology in 2023?

Novartis has announced an intention to separate the Sandoz business to create a standalone company.

This is a pivotal moment in our history, and we are welcoming innovative, dedicated colleagues to the company to take us through this next decade of growth. 

As a founding member of our new team, you will help shape the future of Sandoz Technology as we drive growth and access through innovation, stability, and efficiency. It’s an exciting opportunity to help build an organization and new tech landscape from the ground up and in return you will experience a fast-moving environment with impactful, visible, flexible-hybrid careers. Sandoz Technology has a supportive culture, one where diversity is welcomed and where personal and career growth is encouraged!

Touching the lives of 500 million people, are you ready to apply your craft and experience a career with genuine impact?

Image from Valerie Chew, Chief Technology Officer

“As a Technology Leadership Team, we are committed to creating clarity and enabling our teams to reach our business goals, while supporting their professional ambitions.”

Valerie Chew, Chief Technology Officer

The Future of Technology at Sandoz

We are building a new tech landscape, working together in a customer-focused agile organization driving towards cloud-based and SaaS solutions. Simplifying the application landscape by bringing in industry leading solutions. 

Our teams span across all business areas from development to customer engagement, while also supplying the foundational core technologies such as infrastructure and ISRM appropriate to a leading Generics company. As such, we look for scalable solutions where possible and apply innovative, data-driven analytics in a strategic and outcome-focused manner. 

The Sandoz Technology team will bring together most of our required skillsets; strategy, design, delivery. In the future, we will operate as nimble “Tech Teams” to improve the experience for the business, increase the delivery of fit-for-purpose applications, and streamline delivery timelines. Each member of the Technology Leadership Team will serve as a navigator for their Tech Teams; ensuring they stay aligned to the larger organization’s ambitions and cross-Technology objectives. It’s an exciting future and one that we look forward to supporting.

Our principles

An organizational chart does not define who we are. Our identity and our value are rooted in how we work together. By adopting the following principles, we create the necessary accountability, autonomy, and collaboration to bring out the best of every member of our team.

  • End-to-end accountability: the Tech Team that designs and builds a solution is also the team that runs it.
  • Fulltime focus: To help ensure individuals aren’t overstretched we’ll prioritize Tech Team members staying fully focused on the single remit of their team.
  • Pizza rule: no Tech Team is larger than 8-12 people (just right to share a pizza) ... meaning each team member fully owns their own area of expertise and that roles and responsibilities are crystal clear.
  • Deliver smaller initiatives quickly: overgrown programs hindered decision making. Managing scope=better time management.
  • A Tech Team’s Owner has high autonomy: their unique business acumen and technical expertise means we can remove layers of unnecessary bureaucracy

Meet the Teams 

  • Customer Engagement:   Supports all customer touchpoints, interactions, and marketing activities from the technology side, such as: share of voice and trade channels, as well as patient engagement, order- and contract management, enabled by customer data and analytics.
  • Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Quality: Responsible for digital supply chain and manufacturing solutions for areas like plant management, quality assurance and external manufacturing.
  • Global Development, Pipeline and Portfolio:  Oversees digital support for product development and pipeline & portfolio management solutions; examples include lab management, business development and medical affairs for both our small molecule and bio pharma development teams.
  • Finance Technology: Responsible for finance solutions, such as revenue management, audit, planning, and forecasting—serving the full finance function end-to-end.   
  • Corporate Functions Technology: Guiding and supporting the digital needs for all major corporate functions, such as Communications, People & Organization (P&O), Legal, Procurement, Facilities & Health and Safety, Ethics, Risk & Compliance (ERC) and Corporate Affairs (excluding Finance functions).
  • Platforms and Architecture: Responsible for the operation, maintenance and change for platforms like SAP and ServiceNow. He will also ensure that core principles for state-of-the-art technologies and development practices are applied.
  • IT Infrastructure: Maintains our network and provision services to support the following: connectivity, employee / workplace, cloud, and data center.
  • ISRM (Information Security and Risk Management): Responsible for developing the corresponding guidelines and policies as well as the management and education activities related to information security risks. 

Strategy and Operational Excellence: is responsible for:

  • the overall IT strategy
  • operating / organizational model
  • portfolio, performance and vendor management
  • service integration
  • country/ regional relationship management, and
  • communications

Transformation Office: A project team responsible for supporting the implementation of the Sandoz technology transformation, working closely with the Strategy and Operational Excellence team as well as the Domain Leads.