Many of our top leaders and global colleagues cite a deep-rooted entrepreneurial culture, inclusion and integrity as some of the main reasons they choose to work at Sandoz. We combine the resources and long-term vision of a global pharmaceutical leader with the energy, drive and flexibility of a start-up. 

Our Approach

As Sandoz plans to become a new listed organization we have a rare moment to shape Sandoz’s future together through our culture and values.

Created by colleagues and global leaders, our new Values distil how we act when we’re at our best, doing all we can to drive business growth and access to medicine for millions of patients.

Our Values

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Team up to break barriers.

Work together to drive access.

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Be as ambitious as our purpose.

Be bold to make change happen.

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Lead by example.

Commit to making a difference.

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Open mins open doors.

Create new opportunities.

Ana Gongola, Country Head, Sandoz Croatia

“I’ve always felt supported, whether I’ve succeeded or made mistakes, and I’ve been given the great opportunities to grow with those around me while being my authentic self.”

Ana Gongola, Country Head, Sandoz Croatia

What’s next for our Culture?

We’ll continue to cultivate our entrepreneurial and inclusive culture in which all differences are valued, all practices are equitable and everyone feels respected. This will ensure we can all be at our best and live our Values to the full. When we feel that we belong and work together, we can make our greatest contributions.