As we potentially prepare to step forward as a new independent listed company, we are taking the opportunity to evaluate our approach to personal growth and learning, creating a best-in-class experience from the ground up.

Our leaders are committed to building power skills to prepare us for future opportunities. To accelerate growth for critical roles and establishing technical skills, capitalizing on critical trends in the workforce and the industry.

All three types of learning, whether mandatory, mandated, or elective, will be managed in an integrated way through a harmonized Learntech environment. Our aim to offer you, our future colleagues, a personalized learning experience.

What will that look like in 2023?

You will have access to Coursera, offering resources from 275+ leading universities and industry partners. More than 200,000 learning videos & 5000+ courses. You will have access to Cornerstone where thousands of Sandoz courses will be available to you. Where required, you will have access to coaching through our external partners.


leading universities


learning videos



  • You will be part of ‘Evolve’, our approach to performance management, which is based on outcome-focused objectives, teamwork and frequent feedback to help you and your team grow, learn and reach your full potential.
  • You will have access to Development Toolkit and work on development actions with your manager, mentors and/or colleagues who will support you in this journey
  • You will have access to a new project and mentoring platform to help drive your own personal learning experience
  • For Senior and Executive Leaders, we will introduce robust and tailored development plans based on science-based assessments and insights 

Whilst it’s early days, the future is exciting and ours to shape!

Colleagues working together
Ramon Gonzalez, MS Specialist

“I have had incredible opportunities to grow and thrive in a dynamic, global environment, 
experiencing diverse roles over the last 10 years. I would wholeheartedly recommend 
Sandoz to anyone looking for a fulfilling career!”

Ramon Gonzalez, MS Specialist