The success of Sandoz and our impact on 500+million lives depends on the performance and dedication of each of our colleagues. We strive to be an employer of choice that attracts, develops and motivates talented and performance-driven people from all around the world.

A key element in building a successful company is providing an environment where associates are recognized for their individual contributions and performance, as well as provided continuous feedback so that they might improve themselves and their performance.

At Sandoz we foster a culture where all employees feel an inherent responsibility to contribute to the growth of their colleagues, by providing them with constructive and forward-looking feedback and in alignment with the Sandoz values.

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Our Approach 

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Competitive compensation - Total compensation reflects the value of our global talent

Pay equity - We commit to treating all employees fairly and respectfully

Pay for sustainable performance - For outstanding performance total compensation delivered is targeted at market premium levels. For strong performance compensation delivered is targeted around the market median

Differentiated benefits and wellbeing programs - We aim to be market leaders in our offerings related to Health & Wellbeing, Learning & Development and Family Care. 

Values & Integrity - Sandoz Values are an integral part of our approach to Rewards. They underpin assessment of impact for every employee’s Annual Incentive. 

Balanced Rewards - We provide a balance of fixed pay and benefits versus variable compensation. Our incentive plans are linked to a mix of financial metrics as well as strategic objectives and values.

Our offering includes every way that our employees are rewarded for their time, talent, dedication and achievements.  

Total Rewards & Recognition include:

Annual base salary, short-term incentive (commonly known as a bonus), and long-term incentive. 

Career enhancement and development, including learning, training and professional recognition opportunities. 

Associate benefits and benefits-in-kind are generally non-financial compensation provided to employees in addition to their salaries and other monetary compensation for example Pension, health & welfare plans and parental leave regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Culture, leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion focus, work-life and employee wellbeing benefits, engagement and volunteering opportunities and environmental, social and governance initiatives.

Our global recognition program allows all colleagues to recognize a colleague who has demonstrated behavior in line with our culture and values. The joy of recognition – both for those who give it and those who receive it motivates and supports collaboration and good relationships. Our program includes congratulatory e-cards and varied awards for spontaneous and timely recognition throughout the year.