MS is a neurological condition that can cause a significantly reduced health-related quality of life 1,2,3. Also known as a disease of a thousand faces, no two people experience MS the same way.

That is why to spread awareness, we are shining a light on the perspectives of people living with MS.

Kacy and her family

Kacy's Story

"I was undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for 11 years"

"It was scary, but there was relief there as well"

"It's MS, but I'll be OK"

"He knows my next move before I do"

"I wish people would understand what they can't see"

"MS therapies have come a really long way"

"Multiple Sclerosis takes a lot of effort"

"My advice to people living with MS"


Arnaud Gautelier

My Life with Multiple Sclerosis   

Notre Sclerose and the role of patient organizations   

Arnaud’s Multiple Sclerosis motto and messages   


Anne Le Grand

Living with MS  

Anne's message about Multiple Sclerosis  

Anne & SEP Avenir  


Birgit Bauer

Living with MS 

My MS diagnosis  

The impact of Multiple Sclerosis  

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Each of us can make a difference by raising MS awareness, supporting the MS community and helping to make sure no one has to go through MS alone. For more information about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) visit – Home - MS International Federation (



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