Nov 17, 2022
  • CASE study evaluated data from 660 companies across 10 industries
  • Results show that Germany’s smartest graduates work for biotech companies
  • Sandoz takes first place in biotech and healthcare industry ranking 

Holzkirchen, November 17, 2022 — Sandoz, a global leader in generics and biosimilars, is the leading German employer of graduate talents, placing it first in the German biotech and healthcare industry in an employer ranking by the human resources consultancy CASE. 

The CASE score algorithm evaluated the educational qualifications of university graduates in combination with other characteristics, based on publicly available data from career portals, and created a ranking of 660 companies across 10 industries in Germany. According to the study, the biotech and healthcare industries lead the field, ahead of consulting and IT. Per the study results, Sandoz takes first place in the ranking of the biotech and healthcare segment. 

"We are very pleased with this confirmation that Sandoz is a top attractive employer in biotech and healthcare, which recognizes and nurtures the potential of its employees," says Inge Maes, Global Head of People & Organization at Sandoz. "We want all current and future employees to be convinced that Sandoz is the company they want to work for. This will help us to achieve our business goals and further improve patient access to quality medicines."

"I am incredibly proud to see that Germany's brightest minds are choosing to work for our organization, says Peter Stenico, Managing Director Sandoz Germany. “Talent acquisition plays a critical role for us at Sandoz Germany: we like to take a lot of time to get to know our candidates better. Employee development also plays a crucial role -- the brightest minds will only come if they see the opportunity for outstanding personal development. And that's what we offer. Our corporate culture is unique, which is also reflected in the long tenure of our associates," 

Sandoz is the world's leading generics and biosimilars manufacturer and promotes a high-performance and inclusive work environment. Sandoz offers a range of leadership training opportunities as well as more specific programs including the [email protected] leadership program to develop female talent and the employee network Global Women in Leadership (WiL) to support women at all levels in career development. In 2020, three young, motivated Sandoz Germany associates launched the Talents4Tomorrow initiative to promote young talent. Within this group, successful leaders are invited to regular joint meetings to share their knowledge and experience.