The six finalists of the Sandoz HACk are coming to London in March to present their ideas to a panel of judges at WIRED Health.

Feb 22, 2017

Following six months of hard work, the six finalists of the Sandoz HACk -- Healthcare Access Challenge -- are nearly ready to present their ideas to a panel of judges in London on March 9.

Prior to judging at WIRED Health 2017, Sandoz will bring together the finalists, as well as a wide range of experts in digital health, technology, healthcare and access, for a pre-event designed to both kick-start a community of people committed to making these small ideas a reality and prepare the finalists for their final pitch.

You can watch selected sessions via Facebook Live or follow the entire event via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Join the conversation using #SandozHACk.

Keynote speech
Richard Francis, Sandoz CEO
Wednesday, March 8
11:00 AM - 11:20 AM UTC

Sandoz HACk winners announcement
Thursday, March 9
2:10 PM - 2:25 PM UTC

About the Sandoz HACk

Despite all the advances in modern medicine, universal access to healthcare is still arguably the single largest unmet medical need. At Sandoz we believe that the biggest changes often come from amazing, small ideas. Sometimes, the only difference between a good idea and a great idea is a little bit of support. That is where Sandoz HACk comes in – the Healthcare Access Challenge.

In September 2016 we called on young (18-35) creative thinkers to ‘re-imagine healthcare access’ and enter Sandoz HACk.

Using social media, we promoted the Sandoz HACk and asked for ideas that use mobile technology (M-Health) to connect people to better health.

Over the course of two months, we received around 150 ideas from over 30 countries. These were narrowed down to six finalists who were invited to come to London in March 2017 to present their ideas to a panel of judges at WIRED Health 2017. There, the six ideas will be narrowed down to three winners, each of whom will receive EUR 20,000 and ongoing mentorship to help make their idea a reality.

To ensure that the finalists were all equally well positioned for success, we gave them the opportunity to refine their ideas with feedback from OpenIDEO, a global community of creative thinkers, technologists and others interested in helping social entrepreneurs. That feedback was also supplemented by contributions from experts from Sandoz.