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A global leader in antibiotics

As the global (volume) leader in generic antibiotics, Sandoz plays a critical role in ensuring the sustainability of global healthcare systems: antibiotics are the backbone of modern healthcare. In addition to treating a wide range of infectious diseases, antibiotics are critical to help ensure patient safety during routine surgical interventions, as well as immunological therapies including chemotherapy.

Sandoz has a rich tradition of providing high-quality antibiotics. We led the way in supplying desperately needed antibiotics to the post-war Austrian population and produced the first ever oral penicillin in 1951. Our commitment to the successful outcomes of patients using our products has elevated us to become the world’s biggest producer of antibiotics by volume.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive antibiotic portfolio focused on Penicillins and Cephalosporins – the two key categories of antibiotics, and products that form the backbone of global healthcare. We are committed to shaping an optimal environment that sustains the effectiveness of all antibiotics and are investing to ensure the sustainability of our uniquely vertically-integrated, European-based production network.

Overview of our antibiotic business

An investment in the long-term success of this important medicine:

  • Sandoz is the largest generic antibiotic manufacturer in the world by volume
  • Sandoz owns the last remaining fully integrated production facility in Western Europe, located in Kundl, Austria
  • In addition to our leading portfolio of Sandoz medicines, we also produce active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for other leading companies
  • The Sandoz portfolio of antibiotics covers over 50% of the antibiotics available giving us the opportunity to serve a broad majority of today’s antibiotic needs

Strong commitment to advancing antibiotic treatment

Our leadership position comes with a responsibility to promote not only awareness of the importance of antibiotics, but also of how to use them responsibly, including best stewardship practices. Growing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the major threats to global health today. Indeed, global health experts estimate that it could lead to an additional 10 million annual deaths by 2050 if uncontrolled – more than the total number of deaths from all infectious diseases worldwide per year. Sandoz is committed to work with other stakeholders to tackle the root causes of AMR, with a particular focus on increasing understanding of AMR and rational use of antibiotics, promoting the appropriate use of antibiotics (implementation of therapeutic guidelines, for instance on first and second line use, as well as driving prescription-only use), and ensuring stable manufacturing and secure supply.

We also support measures for the adoption of novel formulations and incremental innovations. While novel antibiotics may take years to develop, manufacturers are able to develop new formulations much more quickly. These novel formulations – such as pediatric dosage forms – can help decrease non-adherence to therapy, which is also an important cause of AMR.

Through our own Development efforts, Sandoz is actively working to ensure the broadest generic portfolio is always available, providing the opportunity for targeted treatments to match the infection. We plan to add to this portfolio over the next few years.

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