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Despite the remarkable medical progress during the last century, there are still at least 400 million people worldwide who lack access to essential health services1 and more than two billion who cannot afford to buy the medicines they need2. A healthy life, unfortunately, is still far from a given for too many. Every year, eight million people die from cancer3 and 14 million new cases are diagnosed4. Nearly 10 million people develop tuberculosis (TB) annually, including one million children, and the disease claims 1.5 million victims per year5. Nearly half a million people still die of malaria every year6.

As a division of the Novartis Group, Sandoz is committed to playing a key role in achieving global healthcare goals, by pioneering new approaches to drive increased access worldwide. Increasing access to medicine is the basis of our day-to-day business model, but we also run a range of targeted programs to ensure access for those most in need.

On the following pages, we explain more about the work we do and the programs we run.

Sandoz external funding

At Sandoz we are united by a passion and purpose to pioneer access for patients. This powerful purpose inspires us to find new ways to help patients around the world access high-quality medicines.

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Malaria Initiative

Together with our partners, and with our continued patient-centric approach, we are committed to the common goal of malaria elimination.

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Novartis Access

The Novartis Access program focuses on affordability and availability of targeted on- and off-patent medicines addressing key non-communicable diseases.

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World Child Cancer

Together with World Child Cancer, we are working on improving childhood cancer survival rates in the developing world.

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