Our global portfolio comprises approximately 1 000 molecules, covering all a wide range of major therapeutic areas. Our products reach approximately 500 million patients every year. Our broad portfolio is spearheaded by our global leadership positions in both biosimilars, the “cutting edge” of innovative off-patent medicines, and generic antibiotics, the backbone of global healthcare systems.

Our broad offering translates into substantial and ongoing savings for patients and payors, which help to ensure the sustainability of healthcare systems in the face of significant budgetary pressures, while also freeing up funding for innovative medicines.

At Sandoz, we make far more than just traditional generic medicines. Sandoz offers a variety of drug delivery mechanisms. These include:

  • Inhalables – used in the treatment of asthma and COPD, inhalables combine complex drugs with sophisticated medical devices

  • Injectables – non-biologic drugs taken via injection, which follow a parenteral route of administration. They are the cornerstone of modern hospital treatment and most typically include intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous methods of application.

  • Oral solids – tablets or capsules; can be extended or slow release

  • Oral films – particularly effective for patients who need fast acting treatment or who have difficulties swallowing oral medications

  • Transdermal patches – an innovative alternative for controlled drug delivery through the skin and into the bloodstream